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Valentine’s Message, Everyone is Be-Love-d

It’s  was day before Valentine’s Day and I hosted a Valentine’s Love meditation gathering in Annapolis, MD.  I host monthly or bi-monthly meditation meetings, and one of the favorite things I do is the following.  Before the group meets, I … Continue reading

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As if the Planets Were Aligned

It seems like the planets aligned as I began sharing my manuscript of Feeling Loved: A Ted E. Bear Story.  I shared it with a few good friends and magically opportunities started to appear. First, my best friend from college … Continue reading

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Feeling Loved, My Children’s book in progress

Feeling Loved (in progress)  A Ted E. Bear Story By Barbara Webber   “Teddy, Teddy I have to tell you what happened today!” Lily yelled as she ran into the house, tripping over her book bag.  It was Lily’s first … Continue reading

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What My Yorkie reminds me to do … besides the obvious

Have you ever found yourself so immersed in your writing or creative projects that you lose all sense of time and space?  This happens to me quite often, as it did, once again today.  I was busily putting finishing touches … Continue reading

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Welcome to my blog

I look forward to sharing our thoughts, experiences and feelings on spirituality,  metaphysics and conscious co-creation.  My intention is to create a space that will help you lead an enriched spiritual life and connect with others who are seeking a … Continue reading

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