Resume for Barbara Webber

Washington, D.C./Maryland

1983- Present

Provide full service media and communications services, focusing on strategic planning and implementation for national and local projects/campaigns.  Manage and implement free and paid publicity for government, business, non-profit and community relations; organize special events, press conferences, rallies, demonstrations, and media tours; research media markets; write press releases, advertisements and promotional materials; serve as primary contact for reporters and producers; produce Public Service Announcements for television and radio; organize internal and external communication; and, serve as a spokesperson for national and international campaigns.  Consultant to PR/Communication Firms: Fenton Communications, Abernathy and Mitchell, Madera Group, Leibovitz and Associates, others.

Clients and projects include (partial list):

  • Actors Michael Douglas and Pierce Brosnan, Senator Alan Cranston, former CIA Director Admiral Stansfield Turner (Boston, Washington, D.C., California)
  • State of the World Forum (California):  Conceptualized and implemented press strategy for keynote leaders at international forum, lead publicist.  Mikhail Gorbachev, Oscar Arias, U.S. Air Commander George Lee Butler, Jane Goodall, Bella Abzug, Betty Friedan, Stephen Covey, Sam Keen, Debbie Fields, and others
  • Greenpeace, NRDC, National Toxics Campaign (nationwide)
  • Alternative Healthcare Center, holistic health education (nationwide)
  • Service Employees Union (Washington, California, Seattle, other U.S. cities), United Steelworkers, Healthcare Workers, Justice for Janitors
  • International Center for Development Policy, UDF President Albertina Sisulu’s visit to the U.S. to meet with President Bush, ANC publicity secretary Patrick Lekota
  • National Association for Working Women, Women of Vision and Action, Hollywood Women’s Political Caucus:  Glenn Close, Susan Saranden, Marlo Thomas, others
  • United States Presidential Campaign (national media advance team)
  • Child Empowerment Network – Developed and marketed educational program to tour nationally; produced, directed, and developed theatre, film and video scripts; and served as communications and executive director.  Adopt-A-Classroom, Suzuki Method of Music for children
  • Institute for Policy Studies, Cavallo Foundation (awards for Whistle Blowers), Washington Society for Jungian Psychology, Neurotherapy Center


Habitat for Humanity International (HFHI)

Director of Public Relations

March 2002-January 2004

Manage Habitat’s strategic public relations plans and programs.  Pursue and support marketing opportunities to maximize corporate partnerships and promote Habitat programs and image.  Oversee management of all Habitat for Humanity special events, the Women Build program, implement and advise on public relations strategy for 3,000 affiliates, corporate partners and headquarters. Serve as chief spokesperson for HFHI.  Oversee creation of news releases and other publicity vehicles, newsroom web presence.  Promotes HFHI’s positive reputation in crisis and advances the positive regard in which HFHI is held by the general public and opinion leaders.  Ensure that special events such as the Jimmy Carter Work Project are professionally managed and conducted.  Oversee development and execution of special and ongoing public awareness campaigns.  Oversee development of materials that assist affiliates, national organizations, and campus chapters in conducting public relations and advocacy campaigns.  Advise senior HFHI leadership in regards media relations and management of public relation programs and crisis events, including training spokespersons.  Coordinate global extension of communication initiatives through cross-functional staff at Regional Support Centers and Area Offices.  Develop promotional programs and products such as videos, Public Service Announcement, power point presentations, training and marketing materials.


Fenton Communications

Senior Account Manager

Washington, D.C.

Clients and projects include (partial list):

  • Jesse Jackson, Bishop Desmond Tutu, TransAfrica, Randall Robinson, ANC President Oliver Tambo, Artists Against Apartheid, Greenpeace, MTV’s Rock Against Drugs, various actors/artists such as Richard Gere, Ed Asner, Herbie Hancock, W.W. Norton Publishing, Holt, Rinehart & Winston, Simon & Shuster


Abernathy & Mitchell

Publicity Director

Washington, D.C.

Clients and projects include (partial list):

  • South Korean exile Kim Dae Jung on his return to South Korea (to become President of South Korea and Nobel Prize recipient), Zennie Mandela (daughter of Nelson Mandela), International Center for Development Policy, National Association of Working Women, Karen Nussbaum, Service Employees International Union
  • Developed PSA’s, videos, print advertising, and celebrity media tours.


  • Business and Professional Women’s “Speak Out” Award
  • Maryland Business and Professional Women’s Club Young Careerist Award for the State of Maryland
  • Maryland Governors’ Office volunteer commendations:

Community Service

  • Women of Vision and Action, Executive Board
  • Child Empowerment Network, education and communications consultant
  • Reston Community Theatre, Bowie Theatre, Prince George’s Theatre, Sumter Players, Bowie Community Theatre, Colonial Players, Twin Beach Players

Education:  James Madison University, B.S.

Other:  Life Coaching for Personal and Professional Development, author of children’s book, “Feeling Loved, A Ted E Bear Story”, created child safety and empowerment children’s books, videos, games and developed workshops to prevent child abuse and promote child empowerment.  Created training program for holistic health.

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