Day Three: Human Amnesia, Psychic Gifts and Remembering Who You Really Are

Day 3:  Human Amnesia, Psychic Gifts and Remembering Who You Really Are.   Do you hide who you are, forget the real you, but still want to step into your gifts?  My story on that:

First, roommate saga update or how scared I was.  I knew I would be crossing paths with my soon to be ex-roommate (cue sound of heavy heartbeat, or jaws theme). I didn’t know what would happen, but I knew I wanted to stay in my heart and be compassionate — to both of us.  So, when I rounded the corner and I ran into him outside his room, I instantly threw my arms around him and gave him a big hug.  It was instinctual, nothing planned.  And held him, feeling his heart beating against mine.  He said, “You’re gonna make me cry.”  I said, “That’s okay.”  I held the embrace and let him know everything was going to be okay.  And it is.

Once we stopped hugging I looked into his tear-filled eyes and I smiled.  The first thing he said blew me away. “I totally understand why you are doing this.  You’re so talented … beyond talented, I mean gifted, so gifted, spiritually.  You have to go bigger, share that with more people.  I get it,” he said.

Wow.  Mic drop.

He knew about my gifts even though I hide them from most people (up until now, that is, yikes!) He and I met while I was teaching meditation and metaphysics, which I have been doing for 20+ years (on the DL).  I also have this awesome secret weapon people call intuition or psychic abilities that I use when I coach folks.  Yes, I even see dead people (or hear them).  It’s something I have kept close to the vest because I know how people judge this type of gift.  Most TV shows and movies depict intuitives/psychics/mediums as weird, “out-there,” ditzy, or crooks.  I am so not that.  I’m very grounded, smart and probably a little weird (aren’t we all?).

I think I’m one of the foremost reluctant intuitives alive.  It always felt scary to show up as this person, knowing the greater world makes fun of folks like me (Hey, just STOP THAT).  We know it’s not okay to say negative things about other races, genders, religions, but we still talk smack about psychics, and “fat” people but even that is changing. Really people?  You do you boo.  And let me do me.  Or I’ll put a hex on ya! (Do I need to clarify that I’m kidding?)

So this reluctant psychic was a little scared when about 6 years ago a friend of mine encouraged me to work part-time at a local metaphysical shop, Insight Concepts, in Annapolis, MD to offer life coaching and readings.  It was a really wonderful place filled with books by my favorite authors, Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Eckart Tolle, etc.  And had lots of shiny stuff (which I love!).  Crystals and fringe, that’s my thang!

The “interview” was actually a reading for the store owner.  If you’re accurate, and I suppose likeable and trustworthy, you’re in.  Spoiler alert: I was in.

As I answered her questions and gave her personal messages she teared up, which often happens.  Some people call it a release.  I believe it feels like you are so aligning with the truth of your soul, which for some hasn’t happened in a long time, so tears just flow.  I think it is because when I do readings or coaching I see who you really are, the perfection and beauty and individuality.  Love.  And when you hear your soul’s dream or purpose, it can bring tears to your eyes. Not to mention when you hear from a dead loved one and you know it’s them because of what I say.   Real tears of joy.  And if someone you loved and lost shows up, well it’s an amazing experience.  Even for me.

angel lightsApparently I was very accurate (I only know by the reaction of the person I am reading, along with the chills I often get when something is really important or “right on”). Often things don’t make any sense to me, but to the client it’s exactly what let’s them know I’m on track or definitely talking to someone who passed.  (Like the time I read for a person named Diana and kept hearing “cita, cita”.  I’m thinking, cita?  What is that?  So I hear it louder and more insistent, CITA, CITA.  Finally I say, “I keep hearing cita …” and she bursts into tears.  That was her father’s nickname for her, that no one knew.  That was her Dad’s way of telling her I was really hearing her Dad talking to me.)

Back to my interview.  The owner asked when the store would sell, which she had been attempting to do for several years. Here’s the other gift I have, helping people manifest their intentions.  I knew once I started working at the store, it would sell.  Your intention, plus alignment with your soul (which apparently I help with) = it gets done.  That sounds so boastful, but it’s really the energy that comes through me, I’m just the open vehicle.  Call it what you want (spirit, divine guidance, higher self, Doritos).  I think the energy helps clear the way and also gives the person clarity.  Plus, when someone, like me for instance, sees the real you, the Spirit, the Divinity, and you feel truly seen and loved, well, it’s pretty awesome.  An it gives people more hope or affirmation.  We are really never alone, there is so much spiritual energy surrounding us and supporting us.

IMAG0378I told her what would be going on in the store at the time of the buy.  I had a vision of Christmas decorations all around.  And I conveyed it looked like within that year.   (Time is always a tricky thing because our choices and energy can slow things down or speed them up.  My experience is that our path is not set.  I often see someone’s path change right before my eyes as we clear blocks to manifesting or come to realizations that clear the way).  And it did sell at the time I saw.  Yippee for me.  (I’m always a little afraid I’ll be wrong, but that’s just ego.)

During my time at Insight Concepts I met so many wonderful, spiritual people from around the world.  Annapolis is a beautiful tourist destination, a lot of boaters and water lovers.  But, I kept hearing local folks say the same thing, “I don’t know anyone like me here in Annapolis.”  They meant metaphysical or spiritual (versus religious).  Well, I did.  I met them nearly every day.  So I knew they were here, just not connecting with one another.

So, I started a meetup group for spiritual folks and began holding full moon meditation gatherings at my home on the water.  I also taught intuitive development, healing modalities and general metaphysics.  It was so much fun seeing spiritual folks connect with one another, develop friendships (and more), and begin to see their dreams and goals manifest.  (Finding love, jobs, life purpose, moving — you name it).  Last I counted, we topped 600 members!

It was through this meetup group that I met my current roommate. So yesterday, when he told me that he wanted me to expand my spiritual teaching even more, I was really touched.  He wanted me to share the gifts he saw me share and teach in our group with more people, even if it meant his moving. That is Grace.

I don’t know about you, but when I am anticipating a conflict I don’t ever imagine this kind of honesty, openness and graciousness.  It was a beautiful moment I will remember.  And a great affirmation that when you are on the right path (there really is no “right, aligned might be a better term), things just open up.  And apparently, so do people.  Beautiful.

It’s funny.  I have (and you may too) what I call human amnesia.  I forget who I really am, what gifts I have, what I have to share with the world.  I think when we/our spirit gets into this human body (incarnates) we forget who we truly are. How amazing.  How connected.  How perfect.  We get human amnesia.  That’s the great thing about reading and coaching others, I get to help you wake up and see who you really are.  And you get to be reminded because you may have forgotten how amazing you are.  Very cool.  And tearful, apparently.

So, I’m here if this calls to you.  This is pretty high energy work, so I select just a few people at a time when doing groups or even private sessions.  It’s incredibly draining so I limit my availability for one-on-ones and do small group coaching too.  I generally go by word of mouth or through circles I know.  I have no calling, as of yet, to promote this, but just let it unfold naturally.

Is there a gift you have that you are not sharing?  Some amnesia that has befallen you?  I’m betting there is.  It’s a common human experience.  Wouldn’t it be GREAT to get your memory back?  (If only I could remember where I last saw it…) I’d love to connect with you, and connect you with your soul desires, dreams, gifts, and remind you who you really are.  The world needs you.  And your soul needs you to truly wake up.

Much love (con amore),


Your Intentional (intuitive) Co-creator

PR expert and author of Feeling Love, A Ted E Bear Story

P.S.  Imagining Italy!

About Barbara Webber

Retired public relations consultant for world leaders, experts and non profit organizations, now teaching spirituality and metaphysics, conducting workshops/seminars, personal sessions to help people seeking spiritual enrichment in their life. Loves children, theater, dogs, gardening, spending time with loved ones, helping empower people to create their happiest, healthiest life.
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2 Responses to Day Three: Human Amnesia, Psychic Gifts and Remembering Who You Really Are

  1. Cristina Garza says:

    I find myself in a place where some kind change seems imminent. A big change! having something just happen to me that I haven’t quite been able to get past it seems like the time is now. Your post is so interesting and really resonates with me. I feel empty when I think of all gifts I used to have and have let atrophy. I know I have forgotten who I really am, it really messes with my life. I sometimes feel like I am wandering around aimlessly through life and before i know it it’s going be over. But, I also know I intentionally pushed some of that away from myself because I was not able to handle it anymore. My adrenals were really taxed and ruined my chill. I became scared. I made it go away. I am now starting to get somewhat better. But I am still afraid of hearing, seeing, feeling the things that I used to be able to. I am becoming more afraid that I will go through the rest of my life not knowing who I am and never reaching my full potential or doing what I am supposed to do. I think it is also affecting my love life. I want to find love and happiness for once and for all and live that life with my perfect partner. Somehow it always eludes me. Something perfect goes awry. Something good turns really bad for me, I pick he wrong guy or i am just not the right one… etc. I am starting to cry as I write this because of the fear that you are going to totally tell me something I don’t want to hear, but more so I fear you not telling me what I need to know. Because I am at a point in my life where I am seeing things I need to do and not being able to make them happen is going to make the rest of my life really suck.

    • My dearest Cristina, I feel you, I’ve been there, we’ve all been there. Be gentle on yourself. Guess what, you’ll never get it all done or be everything, it’s a journey evolving, in the exact perfect right time for you. So whatever you have done, it is good. There is no, I should have done xyz. Be here right now and see what shows up for you in your world and follow it if and when it feels good in your heart. And when it feels good in your heart and you still feel scared, that’s just because that’s what humans do, we get scared when we move into the unknown. Read whatever book calls to you, or blog, reach out to whoever calls to you…and do every day just as you do it. There is no getting it wrong. I know, I’ve felt that before but I also know every single thing that I have chosen led me to this point and where I am is where I am supposed to be… Even when it feel yucky, like today. I am tired and floating in the place of not knowing and wondering also if the choices I have made will keep me safe…I’ll really never know, but I do know I will be okay and a very good and loving God/Universe is supporting me every step of the way, as do I for you!

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