Meditative Writing, On Purpose

Meditation takes many forms.  As a spiritual coach, I’ve been practicing meditation, intuitive development, and spirituality for many years.  People often say they have trouble meditating.  My question is, what is the purpose of meditating, for you?  What are you hoping to accomplish with meditation?  Peace, spiritual connection, inspiration, relaxation?  Once you get clear on that, it’s a lot easier to meditate, or perhaps do something else that lends to the outcome you seek.

At night, meditation  can be a way a relax and go to sleep.  My shortcut is to listen to a meditation on youtube, often a relaxation or hypnosis audio.  But more often, I now meditate because I want spiritual clarity.  I am looking to improve my life experience.  To have more peace, more prosperity, better relationships, more fulfillment.  For that I do what I call writing meditation.  I get quiet and I ask a question or questions.  And then I let my fingers go free and type the answers from spirit, my higher self, or God.

I host a bi-monthly guided meditation group (another way to improve meditation practices, to listen to a guided meditation.)  But part of the group meeting is for me to get quite and write down information, through my meditative writing, that may help improve the lives of my students.  Recently, my students were questioning purpose.  So here’s what my writing meditation.  (Purpose is something I see many people struggling with, feeling a lack of purpose, wanting a “True purpose,” wanting to feel their life was/is significant or they will fulfill their purpose. )

How can I be of service today, can we talk about purpose?

This (our world) is a creative zone, so what you are interpreting as purpose is actually your natural desire to create.  There was no exact “thing” that you were to do in your lifetime, but there are things that are so connected to your soul that they feel like purpose.  What purpose actually is …. it is what you love, what means something to you.  So those who are looking for their purpose need to look no further than their wants, desires, and dreams.

The ability to create and the results and along the way can feel like purpose.  Let me be clear, as soon as you create that so called “purpose” a bubbling up of creativity will come along and another purpose will be born.  For each of your purposes are the same and yet different — to express Your SELF in this lifetime.  That can take so many twists and turns, none of them right or wrong.

It would be like giving a painter a brush and when he paints the picture to say that paint was not to have made that picture.  It was simply the expression of an inspiration, and expression of self.  So whatever you choose to do is an expression of your self, and your natural creative nature will continue to drive you to create again and again. The red paint is not mean to only paint an apple, but the many things colored and tinged in red, and to combine with the white paint to create pink or rose colored flowers or food or skylines.


That is you, you are the painter and the paint, and the painting.  Think on that.  Every painting is a magnificent expression of your divine self.  You each have many paintings and painters within you in this lifetime.  You may choose to paint them or keep them in your mind’s eye or soul’s journey for another lifetime.  It is all good.  Every painter is an artist.  Every soul is an artist, a creator.

I, and we (spirit/God) look at all the paintings you are creating … and celebrate and are inspired by your work.  And as others paint their expressions, affecting those around them, some of them are called masters.  But, in fact, you are all masters, painting the pictures of your life, expressing your desires and your manifestations of self.

So, breathe deeply and admire your own work.  Look what you have created!  Imagine what you will create.  OR simply admire the painter as he or she creates in his or her mind.  Whether the creation comes to fruition or not, it does not matter.  What matters is that you each have the gift of creation and your individual differences allow a tapestry of paintings to influence one another.  You come together to make up a landscape of beauty, individuality as many expression of the divine one, each self living on this planet.  Even the plant creatures and animal creatures add to the painting, giving of themselves, their colors, and sharing their beauty as inspiration, as reflections of you.

So, next time you look at a painting, know it is an expression of self, and recognize your own beauty in its creation.

So, go forth creative ones, dream, paint, play, listen, manifest, be.  All these things are what God wants for you.  To live the painting of your life, to create that which brings you the highest level of expression.  Enjoying every step of the way, from inspiration to manifestation.  It’s all beautiful.


So perhaps you will see why I love meditative writing.  It provides me inspiration, clarity and expression of my self.  Just another way to explore your self, my self.  Meditation, whether in silence, while walking or even writing is a magnificent way to explore your self, your wisdom and the world around you.  Go forth and create.  You may find the painter in you!

If you’re in the Annapolis area, please join us every other Saturday afternoon, through  You can also contact me for a private spiritual coaching session.

About Barbara Webber

Retired public relations consultant for world leaders, experts and non profit organizations, now teaching spirituality and metaphysics, conducting workshops/seminars, personal sessions to help people seeking spiritual enrichment in their life. Loves children, theater, dogs, gardening, spending time with loved ones, helping empower people to create their happiest, healthiest life.
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