Valentine’s Message, Everyone is Be-Love-d

friendship heartIt’s  was day before Valentine’s Day and I hosted a Valentine’s Love meditation gathering in Annapolis, MD.  I host monthly or bi-monthly meditation meetings, and one of the favorite things I do is the following.  Before the group meets, I write my own personal letter to God and ask a question.  Then I type the answer.  Whether this is “god” or my higher self, or a higher source of wisdom, doesn’t really matter.  I use the term God because that’s where I feel most centered, loved and open.  What I know is that what I then write is always enlightening, loving, wise, and I learn amazing truths.

So here is it Valentine’s Eve, I get quiet and ask, “How can I be of service, what shall I share with my beloved group?  Here’s is the answer:

Just that.  That each and every one of you is beloved.  The more you can be in touch with that truth, the better your life experience will be.  It is not possible for someone not to be beloved.  So whatever story you might be telling yourself about how someone treated you or how you felt in the relationship, even how you treat yourself, it has nothing to do with your lovability or belovability.  You are love.  You Be love.  You are Be Love – ed.

You see when I was envisioning and creating you, the first thing that I knew for sure was that you would be a unique expression of love.  And one of my greatest gifts I could give to you was to allow you the freedom to experience your life in many dimensions.  To give and receive love in many, many ways.  To experience love in many, many ways.  And that is all that you experience, it is love.

So you may say, when so and so treated me this way it was not love.  Ah, but it was. It was love of their self, love of their fear, love of their security, love of power, etc.  It may not have felt like love of you, that in fact may be true, but again it has nothing to do with your loveability.  Or anything to do with the truth of any illusion that you or that person IS not love.

But, and however, people show up as teachers and reflections of you, of your thoughts, fears and love.  So when someone is treating you less than you desire, it is a GREAT GIFT, to allow you to ask yourself, how do I treat myself less than I desire?  And you can THANK THEM for showing up to teach you that.  You see, even in that (them being the “bad” thing they were being) it was an act of love.  They were willing to show up as “self-ish, fearful, arrogant, pushy, controlling” so that you could look at yourself and say, how am I that way to ME?  How am I that way to another?  How are my thoughts that way?  And then you can return yourself to the truth of who you are.  They were willing to put on that mask, at your request, at your calling, to help you heal and return to the truth of your wholeness.

And the opposite is true, you show up in someone else’s life appearing selfish, controlling, fearful, arrogant, pushy, wishy-washy, controlling, loud, quiet, communicative, non-communicative, so they might see something in themselves.  Do you see how incredibly loving you are in that moment of being “less than yourself?”

You see, you are all in this together, always helping out one another.

So, if you are wanting to call forth a greater love into your life, let us look at that desire.  Each of you has a picture of what that looks like.  The goal is to put that picture inside yourself, for it is not “out there” but inside.  As you love and adore yourself, as you treat yourself with generosity, selflessness (versus ego-ishness), love-full versus fearful, self-assured and empowering of others versus arrogant, open and willing versus pushy, surrendering or trusting versus controlling … then someone else outside of you shows up the same way.  AND, the opposite … only if it will serve you.  And truly, no matter how someone shows up it can serve you.  And does.

There are no mistaken relationships, it is all part of natural process of evolution and self-discovery.  It is a grand adventure, an adventure of love.

If you seek a partner, a love partner….when you imagine all the events, circumstances, personality traits you desire, notice them in yourself and others so you begin to vibrate and attract that same kind of person into your sphere.  Even if you wish to attract business associates or bosses who are more positive, same applies.  Controlling versus trusting, etc.  Remember everyone is showing up as an act of love.

It really is all perfect.  And it is all love.  It couldn’t be simpler.  Trust the process, Focus on what you LOVE, focus on the love within you and within all “others.”  I put “others” in parenthesis because you know, there really is no other.  There is simply You and many reflections.  Love and its reflections.

All my love, always and in ALL Ways


As translated and received by me, Barbara.

Would you like to join us in Annapolis or maybe even a google hangout so we can connect no matter where you live.  Let me know.  One of my greatest joys is to help people deepen their relationship to God/Spirit.  Spiritual Enrichment.  I do this through group gatherings, coaching, and of course, writing.

About Barbara Webber

Retired public relations consultant for world leaders, experts and non profit organizations, now teaching spirituality and metaphysics, conducting workshops/seminars, personal sessions to help people seeking spiritual enrichment in their life. Loves children, theater, dogs, gardening, spending time with loved ones, helping empower people to create their happiest, healthiest life.
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