Love/Hate Relationship with Medicine

I was getting ready to put a pill in my mouth this morning and I realized what a love/hate relationship I have with medicine.  Being an advocate of conscious thinking, I suddenly saw what damage I was doing to put a pill in my mouth and hating it.  Geez, I teach this stuff!  When it comes to food, I am the first to say love what you are eating!  It should apply to medicine too.


Whenever possible I use alternative treatment for illness and I’m a deep believer in treating body, mind and spirit, uncovering the various components of illness.  I’ve seen amazing physical results from clearing emotional beliefs and trauma in the body.  So I KNOW the body holds events, traumas, thoughts, issues, etc.  It is our barometer to our well-being.  Feelings of pain, discomfort are all communications from our body to our consciousness, or perhaps our unconsciousness.

My body is very sensitive to medicine.  It does best with homeopathic.  So I’ve had a love/hate relationship with medicine.  But truth be told, it has SAVED my life, especially when I was in the ICU.

Let’s cut to the chase here.  How crazy is it to put inside your mouth, your body, a medicine that is supposed to help you while hating the fact that you have to take it.  Crazy. And self sabotaging!

So here’s what I did this morning.  As I picked up my blue pill to put it into my mouth to help me with a virus that has been rather active lately, I talked to it.  I said, “I would really appreciate it if you would help this virus complete its job and go to the light.  I thank you for helping me heal this condition and thank the virus for its work.  I promise I will take better care of myself.  I will pace myself.  So, I don’t need it to remind me anymore to slow down.  Thanks virus, for looking out for me.  Thanks medicine, for helping me get stronger.  I really appreciate you.”  And I swallowed the pill.  That felt tremendously better than resenting the pill and the virus.

I feel a lot better about taking the medicine now.  And I beleive it will have an even better shot at helping my immune system.  Yes, I know pharmaceuticals have side effects.  YES, I know.  But I also know it’s a tool and if I put my good energy in alignment with its good energy, the results could be tremendously helpful.  And I KNOW it will be more helpful than eating it and hating it, or the virus.

This virus has just been doing its job.  It taught me to watch where my energy goes.  It reminds me to slow down, to rest, to take care of myself.  And I’m willing to take on that job for myself now.  Will I need reminders, yes?  But instead of asking the virus to be a reminder, I am asking my friends to remind me. I’m asking my higher consciousness to remind me with a kind, but loud, thought.

When I say YES to too many things, friends can tell me I am allowed say no.  When I keep pushing THRU instead of listening TO, I will take a moment to listen, stop and regroup.  I will do things I love more often.  I will read in my snuggly bed.  I will work with people who are positive and encouraging.  I will talk with people who will listen to me, laugh with me, embrace me, love me.

So, if your goal is to feel better, become a little more conscious of what you are doing, more importantly the energy with which you are doing it.  Resting while being mad that you have to rest doesn’t work well.  Eating good foods while hating that you must “eat your vegetables” isn’t great.  Hating your job is pretty bad energy.

Instead, focus on what you appreciate, what you love, what brings you joy.  So if you are cleaning up a mess but resenting it, change tactics.  Appreciate that you HAVE a mess to clean up, that you have people in your life who are messy.  Play music while you clean.  Imagine your best vacation while you are cleaning.  Do this with whatever you are doing that you would normally do begrudgingly.

And when you put that pill or food into your mouth, thank it.  Align your energy with the purpose of your action.  If the medicine is meant to make you feel better, thank it.  Ask how else you can help create the better feeling.  Do you need to rest more, eat better, laugh a bit, enjoy your friends, drink water, or appreciate your amazing body?

So my little blue pill is now my friend.  As I continue to take it, I will give thanks for it.  I will collaborate WITH it for my wellness.  And when its job is complete I will continue my job to take care of myself so it doesn’t have to come back and remind me.  Re-MIND me.

Thanks little blue pill, you taught me a lot today!  Now, on to the little while pill. (Could be a long morning!)

Tell me what you’ll be doing differently today, I’d love to hear!

About Barbara Webber

Retired public relations consultant for world leaders, experts and non profit organizations, now teaching spirituality and metaphysics, conducting workshops/seminars, personal sessions to help people seeking spiritual enrichment in their life. Loves children, theater, dogs, gardening, spending time with loved ones, helping empower people to create their happiest, healthiest life.
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