Shifting Focus the Fun Way

Can this spiritual evolution be a little easier?  More Fun?  Less work?  So that life is easier, more fun, less work?  Yes, yes it can!!

Something I re-learned lately, and we all KNOW this, we just forget to do it…what you focus on grows.  (Law of attraction and all that.  UGH  I know, you may be saying, yes I tried this, but it hasn’t worked … yet).

Let me tell you how I did this shift from feeling bad to feeling better, recently.  I watched youtube spiritual videos.  I listened to relaxing subliminal meditation tapes as I fell asleep for a week straight (and still am).  I really worked my mind muscles by listening to and engaging with things that uplifted me, inspired me, relaxed me.  The spiritual videos gave me some tools I loved, but also I just felt better.  The funny Facebook posts kept me laughing, or being grateful for kindness.  The books I read made me feel lighter.  All good stuff.

I started noticing I was feeling better.  I was more hopeful.  Opportunities started showing up (without me DOING anything specifically to “make” them happen).  I was vibing in the positive, I was open and sure I  “did” stuff, but not “in order to make something happen” but because it felt good.  Phew, so much easier.smiley barb

I think most of us think, ok, I’ll change my focus.  And we thing one thought of positivity, or two, or 5 minutes worth.  Then, we check in and see that nothing changed.  ARG! And we think, “Well, that didn’t work!” It may take a little more than the one thought or five minutes to retrain the monkey mind.  (No judgment or beating up yourself, it’s just habit).  Think how many times you have thought the negative or “lack” thought.  Give yourself a good dose of positivity, laughter, joy.  Practice, have fun with it.  Don’t make it another “to-do”.  When you’re ready and want to, give it a try…a good long try.

This doesn’t mean your problems disappear.  It means your vibration can raise so you can shift perception on the “problem.”  New ideas may come to you.  You may simply feel more hopeful.  You may just feel like, this will work out, I’m going to be okay.  And you are. Going to be okay.  In fact, you already ARE okay.  But when we focus on that situation we don’t like, we feel like, well… crap.  And it feels like it’s not going to get better.

So change tactics.  Focus on what feels good (nothing related to the “problem”).  Let’s say you are worried about money.  It often won’t work that if you imagine being wealthy, you can’t shift your focus on money because your brain just says, this isn’t true. Trying to increase your positive feeling about money doesn’t work when your predominate feeling about money is not great.

But if you focus on what you love, and all your blessings, you begin to feel better and this feeling can change your idea about your prosperity.  You see all the riches in your life, all the blessings…and then “out of the blue” a financial opportunity pops up!  And remember, the world is conspiring FOR you….all the time, in every way!

So in this moment, I am grateful for my bed (I love naps).  I love my house with a water view and trees.  I see my daughter’s face and I feel warmth and joy.  I watch a video and listen to positive spiritual teachers, I watch funny facebook videos, I pick a great movie, I call a dear friend, I read a great book.  I think about how my clients feel during and after a session with me.  And that thing I was worried about doesn’t pop up as much.  In fact, some great feeling solutions show up along the way.  Who knew?

So, don’t give up.  Be okay where you are and surround yourself with positivity.  Sure, there are times to go into the emotional baggage department and let go of stuff, but there are also times to just jump on the happy plane and take off. Your baggage will still be there, but probably feel lighter when you land in your destination of joy.  Maybe someone will take all your junk and leave the good stuff!

Much love to you!  As always, I am available for private sessions to help you create the life you want, to remove the blocks and find that joy and love and happiness you want (and have).  Let’s have some fun together.

About Barbara Webber, PR Pro

Public relations and communications director for world leaders, experts and non profit organizations, now teaching spirituality and metaphysics, conducting workshops/seminars, personal sessions to help people seeking spiritual enrichment in their life. Loves children, theater, dogs, gardening, spending time with loved ones, helping empower people to create their happiest, healthiest life.
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