New Year, New Level

A few people turn me on.  Spiritually.  Lately (and over time) Iyanla Vanzant has been my spiritual inspiration  … Her New Year’s message, “New Year/New Level” jump-started me, revved my engines and set me on “fire”…. what would it mean for you to take your life to a new level this year.  Forget resolution, how about EVOLUTION.

I was thinking about the word resolution … to find yet “another” solution, re – solution.  Are we stilwoman spiritl trying to “fix” ourselves.  So much more exciting to go to another LEVEL, to evolve!

Last night Iyanla led a 2013 Accountability Process.  (Does the word accountability feel as scary to you as to me?)  But here’s the cool part, lots of tools and I want to turn you on to a few that turned me on.  First what do you REALLY want…more importantly, WHY?  And does it match what is most important to you.  And here’s her website to download

Here’s a great example, You say/I say … I really want to write a book (or I have a book in me!) … WHY do you want to write a book?  …. because I want to inspire people, help people, teach people … well, is a BOOK the best way, only way?  Would speaking to a group do that, holding workshops, talking on the phone.

Mother and Daughter Reading TogetherPersonally, I love to inspire, help, uplift children, make them laugh.  I want to remind them of who they really are and how much power they have to create amazing lives and a magnificent world.  WHY?  I love their presence, who they really are.  And let’s be real, the child in me still yearns for that.  It’s all about you, boo (another Iyanla quote).   I remember being so driven as a child, excited, and yet a part of me knew there was an expectation to do “GOOD” to get straight A’s, to be kind, etc, etc, etc.  Good girl X 100.   Proving my worth.

What if someone said to that little girl, to me, to you…You are exactly WHO you are supposed to be, doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing, you are a magnificent being withhair in wind lily 4 amazing gifts and talents and you get to CHOOSE how you want to share them, writing, singing, teaching, playing, dancing, meditating, healing, traveling…whatever.  You don’t have to prove anything or change anything.  Be Your Self!

Andt, if YOU want something new/different, to feel better, a healthier life, ask yourself, what do I REALLY want? WHY ?  And what gifts/talents do I have (or need to develop) to bring that into fruition?  What is important to ME ?  Just to me, not to family, society, neighbors, religious organizations, political groups, or tree huggers.  Because who you are is PERFECT and you get to live the life of your dreams …I’m asking you to look at the dream and go deeper.  Why do you want what you want? (i.e. do you want to write to make money, do you want to travel to feel free, do you want to look beautiful because you want to be loved) … go to the why and ask how many ways can I create that feeling, of feeling prosperous, free, loved … what do I need to do/be inside myself to feel that feeling and THEN what would I like to be doing to express that.

And, take it to a new level.  Make a solid intention, practice things that support it, give yourself consequences for not being accountable to yourself (get an accountability partner to check in with weekly)…and live the life you dream of, creating what you REALLY WANT and honoring who you REALLY are.   What’s your BIG dream, on the NEW LEVEL?  Because, it is all about you.

About Barbara Webber

Retired public relations consultant for world leaders, experts and non profit organizations, now teaching spirituality and metaphysics, conducting workshops/seminars, personal sessions to help people seeking spiritual enrichment in their life. Loves children, theater, dogs, gardening, spending time with loved ones, helping empower people to create their happiest, healthiest life.
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