Feeling Loved, My Children’s book in progress

Feeling Loved (in progress)

 A Ted E. Bear Story

By Barbara Webber



“Teddy, Teddy I have to tell you what happened today!” Lily yelled as she ran into the house, tripping over her book bag.  It was Lily’s first day of kindergarten and she was clearly excited.  She didn’t even give Teddy a chance to ask what happened when she blurted out, “When I went into my class my teacher told us we would all have our own ‘cubbies’ to keep the classroom clean.” 


Lily began to giggle and Teddy thought it was pretty funny too.  You see, Teddy and Lily Bear’s parents called all the kids in the family their “cubbies” because they were bears.  Cubby bears. 


Lily ran out of the room as fast as she had come in.  What a cute cubby!


Ted E. Bear is the oldest cubby in his family and everyone calls him Teddy.   His brothers and sisters are Fred E. Bear (Freddy), Bet E. Bear (Betty), Lil E. Bear (Lily) and Zed E. Bear (who they call Zeddy-Spaghetti because he likes spaghetti so much).  Their middle initial, E., stands for, “Everything you always wanted in a cubby”.


After a long day of sharing “first day of school” stories, all the cubbies headed for bed.  Teddy Bear was sitting on his blue and red race car bed; proudly looking at all his trophies and awards he got over the summer.  He began to feel impatient waiting for Mom E. Bear to come into his room to say goodnight to him.    “What is taking her so long?” he thought aloud.

After what seemed like a very, very, very long time Teddy crept out of his bedroom, carefully stepping over his baseballs, footballs, and soccer balls, to see if he could find out what in the world was keeping Mommy from tucking him into bed. 


He sneaked around the corner to peek into Betty’s fancy purple and gold bedroom.  It was filled with all kinds of girly stuff, makeup and mirrors and glittery hair ribbons and fluffy bows, but he didn’t see Mommy in there.  “I don’t know why she needs all that stuff,” he mumbled to himself.


He crept into Zeddy and Freddy’s bedroom that was plastered with colorful artwork and complicated computer games, but his cubby brothers were both fast asleep and there was no sign of Mommy there either.  “For brothers, they sure are different,” Teddy said.  Freddy is the artsy colorful type who likes being creative all the time.  Zeddy loves science and computers and is happy to stay inside all day long playing on his laptop.


Teddy walked down the hall to Lily’s bedroom.  He could hear Lily talking to Mommy in her soft, sweet voice.  Teddy put his tiny cubby ear to the door so he could hear what Lily was saying.


“Mommy, when you do that I feel loved,” Lily said in the warmest, most grateful voice he ever heard. 


Teddy could not imagine what was going on that made Lily sound so very happy.  Being the curious bear that he was, Teddy poked his head inside the doorway to snoop on his little sister.  Lily’s room was full of everything pink — pink flowers, pink animals, pink pictures, pink jewelry, you name it.   Pink, pink, pink.  Lily loved the color pink.  He thought her room even smelled pink.

He saw Lily’s pretty little face peeking out from the covers, snuggled under her bright pink comforter.  Mommy was sitting on the edge of the bed, caressing Lily’s face. 


He watched Mommy place her fingertip at the top of Lily’s forehead, run her fingers down the side of Lily’s cheek, stop at her chin and begin again.   Over and over she would gently rub Lily’s sweet face from top to bottom.  He saw his sister’s tiny smile slowly melt away as she gently fell into a deep, peaceful sleep.


Teddy rushed back to his room.  “So that’s it!  When Mommy rubs Lily’s face at night, she feels happy and loved!” he remarked to himself.


 Mommy doesn’t do that to me, he thought.  He wondered aloud, “What does Mommy do for me?”  He climbed under his crumpled up sheets, in deep thought, pledging that tomorrow he would figure out the answer to his question.   He was already fast asleep by the time Mommy came to his room to say goodnight.

The next morning he awoke with a mission.  He still wasn’t clear about what makes him feel happy and loved.  He decided to talk to all his cubby brothers and sisters to find out what Mommy does that makes each of them feel good.   Would they be like Lily or would they be different?  He wondered if they feel loved in the same way he might.  He had no idea.


(story continues)


What do you think?  This came from a real happening in my life, something my daughter told me while I was putting her to sleep… (Lily)

… So, how do you feel loved??  If you comment on this and send me your email, I will gladly send you a copy of my book (in progress of looking at publishing avenues)…

About Barbara Webber

Retired public relations consultant for world leaders, experts and non profit organizations, now teaching spirituality and metaphysics, conducting workshops/seminars, personal sessions to help people seeking spiritual enrichment in their life. Loves children, theater, dogs, gardening, spending time with loved ones, helping empower people to create their happiest, healthiest life.
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  2. Hi Barbara! I read it to my daughter and she likes it too.

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