What My Yorkie reminds me to do … besides the obvious

Have you ever found yourself so immersed in your writing or creative projects that you lose all sense of time and space?  This happens to me quite often, as it did, once again today.  I was busily putting finishing touches on my children’s book and co-creating art with my daughter.  The great news is that when I’m in these creative spaces it’s totally blissful and productive; the not so good news is that if I don’t take a break my body hurts!

I thought of setting up a timer to remind myself to stand, stretch and breathe, but then I realized my two-year-old Yorkie puppy is the perfect alarm clock.  He insists on me playing with him every so often.  He runs up to sit next to my chair, scratches it or me, and uses his most influential puppy whine that is impossible to ignore.  When I break from the computer and look at him, his ears perk up and he looks at a nearby toy.  Basically he forces me to stop what I’m doing and PLAY.  The first time it happened I got annoyed that he was interrupting my flow.  Then, it occurred to me, this is fantastic.  An alarm clock that reminds me to play.  And he’s also pretty cute!Image

A little earlier in the day I was reading a book, Dying for a Change, and the author was discussing the need to move into our creative self to keep our intuition open and available.  This weekend while I was at the Hayhouse “I Can Do It Conference,” several speakers including, Dr. Joe Dispenza and Bruce Lipton, discussed the left and right brain hemispheres.  They presented amazing information on the biology of belief, the parts of the brain dedicated to intuition/creation vs. memories, stored emotions.

Wherever I have turned lately I am being reminded of our beliefs, our creative ability, our intuition and the amazing gift of being a spiritual human.  Over and over again I am hearing about our ability to be conscious creators when we engage that part of our brain that is creative/intuitive, the “in the now” … When we find ourselves feeling rather badly, we are most likely engaged in that other part of the brain that stores the “stories” of old, the hidden beliefs and emotions, the traumas.  We are tapping into those thoughts that simply don’t feel good.

It is hard to find a problem if you are truly in the now.  Right now I am enjoying quiet time, knowing my daughter is fast asleep.  I hear my dishwasher running, reminded how grateful I am for modern appliances and hot water. I have a warm cup of tea to soothe my tummy and  a warm bed calling me to slumber.  All is well in my world.  What does your “now” look like?

And, if you don’t have a cute Yorkie puppy to remind you to be in the now, to play, find someone or something who will.  Who knows what you might create with that good energy!

About Barbara Webber

Retired public relations consultant for world leaders, experts and non profit organizations, now teaching spirituality and metaphysics, conducting workshops/seminars, personal sessions to help people seeking spiritual enrichment in their life. Loves children, theater, dogs, gardening, spending time with loved ones, helping empower people to create their happiest, healthiest life.
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